Welcome to Magical Macs! I'm Craig Windes and I have been a Post Production Supervisor and I.T. Consultant since 2006. I have a profound respect and understanding for the ability technology has to unlock the user's creative potential. I have experienced this in my personal and professional life, making movies, art and music with my wife our four children and our friends. My professional career began as The Minister of Sparks and Lightning on the Nickelodeon Hit Yo Gabba Gabba! Since then I have provided scheduling, staffing, I.T. support, computer purchase and configuration, networking, storage, server management, digital workflow,  and day to day management and tech wizardry for each show I have worked on. This invaluable experience, working with amazingly creative individuals in a high tech environment has prepared me to help you make incredible things.  Whether its your TV show, feature film, or your small business, I'm ready to make it easy, safe and fun for you.


Please contact me at: 


(714) 321-5815

Below are some of the projects I have been a part of.